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Amazonas Koala Portable Baby Hammock Review

The Amazonas Koala Portable Baby Hammock is a portable swing that can be used as a every day sleep solution for your little one, whether it’s for a short nap or night-time sleep. Suitable for newborns up until approximately 9 months old, the Koala baby hammock is a great piece of furniture for the nursery, not only is it comfy for the little one, with the Sunny Cacao Liner, but also very modern and stylish too.

When I first received it, the box was so compact and small, I could hardly believe my eyes. The frame of the hammock folds itself up like an umbrella pram, and I can just imagine myself folding it up and putting it under my bed when Little Miss moves into her cot on her own (a big plus for the neat freak that I am!) The instructions were simple to follow – all you’d need to do is to unfold the different pieces of the wood structure, fix the latches into place, hang up the hammock, and you’re done!

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Things we loved about the Koala:

  1. How easy it was to set up and the clean-cut looks of it – it fit well into our compact, modern home, and it looked like a breezy, resort-style piece of furniture that you may find while on holiday in Bali. I am a big fan of the Amazonas range for their resort-style hammocks!
  2. It was easy to sooth Little Miss when she was upset, simply by rocking the hammock like how you would with an adult hammock – simply by rocking the sides or with the strings. In fact, because I had her just next to my bed, when she would wake at night, I would just reach out and rock her and she would go back to sleep. A big big plus for those sleep-deprived first few weeks!
  3. It is very sturdy and the calico is a good, strong material. In fact, Young Master (who weighs about 16 kg), loves to climb in and just lay there and ponder about life and look out of the window. The hammock itself carries a child up to 20kg, and it is great that it doubles up as a sitting area for siblings.
  4. While it doubles up as a sitting area, it is obviously not recommended that you let an active child sleep in the swing, for safety reasons. However, that being said, Amazonas has taken great precautions to ensure that the design of the hammock is safe for children, and it comes with a harness and you can also tighten the swing such that it is firmly secured to the ground, ie, it is able to swing less. This is a great feature, especially for young babies who are learning to roll over. The hammock itself also has a deep seat and high sides, so there really is no worry about the baby falling out.
  5. Because of the curve of the base of the hammock, we didn’t have to worry about the baby’s head being flat from lying down too much! Little Miss has quite a nicely shaped head 🙂
  6. Most importantly, because there are strings on both ends, you could adjust the swing such that the baby’s legs rest lower than it’s head – *bells ringing* The inclined position is a miracle for reflux babies! As a mother of not one, but two clinically-severe reflux babies, I can honestly tell you, this feature is an absolute ESSENTIAL.

Other things to consider:

  1. The swing itself is lower than I imagined it to be. It is about the height of a regular bed. I suppose for safety reasons as well, you would not want a swing to be too high. I did not find that I strained my back getting Little Miss in and out of the swing, only because I had her beside my bed and I always sat down on my bed, before picking her up, which worked really well for us. In fact, I had much less of a back strain than picking Young Master in and out of his cot!
  2. To the new user, you may wonder why your child tends to lean towards one side or the other, when laying on the hammock. I’ve found that it takes quite a bit of an adjustment with the strings (balance it on both sides). as well as the material on the top and the bottom of the swing (you’d want to ensure that it is evenly spread across the wooden beam, and not bunched up on one side), to ensure even weight distribution for a balanced hammock.


Overall, we are very pleased to recommend this hammock as a bassinet f or a little baby, until he/she moves into a cot. It is sturdy, stylish, c compact and a wonderful addition to any nursery. We love ours – toddler included, and I’m sure you will too. 🙂 To shop our Amazonas range of nursery furniture, click here.


Barefoot Mum x

Boba 4G Carrier Review










The Boba 4G carrier is the latest product offering from the Boba Family, as a successor to the multiple award-winning Boba 3G carrier. The main difference between the 3G and the 4G version is that the newborn hold has been completely re-designed, and unlike the 3G model, the 4G version boasts of an insert that can be customised to suit the stage your baby is at. A quick look at the features of the new 4G carrier:

  • Suitable for babies from 3kg up to toddlers of 20kg.
  • Comfortably fits parents of heights 150cm – 190cm.
  • Waistband range 25″ – 58″.
  • The new Infant Integrated Insert – an insert that, when snapped together, can allow a newborn to comfortably sit in the fetal-tuck, froggy style. When the baby is older and is able to spread his legs, the insert can be unsnapped to allow the child to sit in a supported M-position. The Infant Integrated Insert can be removed completely when it is no longer required.
  • Comes with removable sleeping hood that snaps diagonally and supports the child’s head when asleep, and provides protection from heat, cold, sun, rain, wind and snow.
  • Removable foot straps (patent pending) ensures baby’s hips, legs and spine and held in a most comfortable and natural frog-like manner, legs apart, knees bent.
  • Comes with a hood pocket and a smartphone pocket at the waistband.
  • Ergonomic waistbelt, designed with foam to ensure maximum support and comfort for the carrying adult.
  • Sliding chest straps allows for easier adjustability between different carrying adults, and enables the user to be able to comfortably babywear, without the need for any assistance or help with buckles from others.
  • Uniquely designed shoulder straps, to allow the ease of carrying a purse or a diaper bag.
  • Safety first – baby is always secure with a military-grade buckle used in the waist belt. No poking poles or metal parts.
  • Elastic bands neatly fold in straps.
  • Supports discreet breastfeeding. Easy feeding adjustments with the breastfeeding buckle.
  • Use as a front or a back carrier, facing in only, to ensure optimal spinal and hip posture and support for child.
  • The Boba Carrier is designed with a high back panel as compared with other similar carriers, to ensure maximum back support for a toddler.
  • One size fits all – completely adjustable, lightweight (carrier weighs less than 1kg), fits adults of all shapes and sizes. Spot clean and machine washable.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to test out the carrier with my daughter, who incidentally was at the stage where she was still unable to spread her legs (2 months +), and in the mere weeks that we’ve owned the carrier, she can now spread her legs wider and we have converted the Integrated Infant Insert to use as a booster pad (how quick they grow up!). Here’s what we (I’ll speak for my daughter as well!) thought about the carrier:

What we loved:

  • The carrier was very comfortable for both of us. It is very well padded, and baby sat very snugly against your chest.
  • The Integrated Infant Insert was very versatile and kept my daughter very well supported while she was still little and couldn’t spread her legs. It didn’t feel like she was going to fall through the carrier, despite being so tiny (she is a petite little girl) and it felt very secure. Also, because the insert can be fastened to the carrier with poppers, there was no fiddling around when putting the carrier on or taking it off, and no worries about losing the insert onto the dirty shopping centre floor (yikes!).
  • The sleeping hood straps that allow the hood to be used at a diagonal – it held my very relaxed, sleeping baby very well during those moments 🙂 The carrier was very easily adjustable to suit both the husband and I.

 Other things to consider:

  • Unlike other carriers, this carrier is designed for front and back carry only, facing inwards. Boba says that this is designed for both the parent and child’s comfort, and to promote optimal positioning for the baby. Those looking at other types of carry, such as hip carry, may not be able to do so.
  • The pockets on the carrier are quite small, and as such, bring along a pack of wipes or a nappy may pose a challenge. However, the Boba comes with an innovative purse strap, which allows you to carry a bag easily, which will solve the problem of bringing your essentials along.


Overall, I would highly recommend this carrier as a quick, snap-on and very comfortable carrier for everyday use.


Barefoot Mum x

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