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Best School Lunchbox Yumbox Review



School, wow. It honestly feels like just yesterday I gave birth to Young Master. But no, yesterday was Young Master’s first day of school. And it was absolutely nerve-wrecking… for ME (he had an absolute blast). I’ve been his full-time carer for the past 3.5 years, so you can imagine what a big bundle of emotions I had to deal with, especially since he’s never eubeen to child care, and that I can count the number of times he’s been babysat, on one hand! Yes, my baby’s growing up… And it’s time to let him take independent steps on his own (sniff…)way system I had in place. Haha, say that to any first time school mum and you’d be like… WHAT SYSTEM??! Actually, I wasn’t too worried about a system as much as I was finding a good lunchbox, and a good lunch bag to fit it all in!

One question that people kept bringing up when I mention that Young Master was starting school, was what

So naturally, I compiled my almost-impossible checklist for a lunchbox for Young Master:

1. Must look good (sorry, I am quite all about aesthetics really – if it’s ugly, what’s the point? And please, no character prints… I really don’t share Young Master’s interest in Thomas, sadly!)
2. Must be of good quality and not cheap plastic.
3. Young Master must be able to open it on his own
4. Must be easy to clean with sponge – I don’t own a dishwasher
5. Must fit in a lunch bag, or in Young Master’s case, his train backpack
6. Must come home in one piece and intact
7. Must have compartments
8. MUST NOT LEAK – imagine the horror of sticky yogurt in lunch bags… Ugh. Hygiene-conscious household here!

I have 2 sensory eaters at home, so aesthetics and point number 7 are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Anyone with sensory kids would understand how severe a meltdown can be if things that are not meant to be touching each other ARE touching each other, like if the tomato sauce goes onto the grapes… Let’s not go there!

I started looking into bento boxes because they seem to outrightly meet my criteria of separating food so that the grapes do not befriend the tomato sauce. But most of them had lids on every container, and all of them fit into a big container, and I wasn’t entirely sure that Young Master would bring ALL the pieces home.

Then I stumbled across the Yumbox. (*royal trumpet blows* Behold the Yumbox!!) At a price tag of $34.95, the Yumbox is priced very steeply as compared with similar compartmentalised lunch boxes, such as the common Sistema, Decor or Nude Food Movers that you can purchase from your local supermarket. But I will say that the Yumbox is worth every single penny, in fact, it might be the best investment ever in my household (with the exception of the thermomix of course). Here’s why:

1. When I first held it. *royal trumpet sound* MAN this lunchboxhfyt felt incredible. It was sturdy, made of high quality plastic, and it was so shiny and glossy that I almost didn’t want to touch it. Just one little downside about shiny and glossy – I almost cried when my fingerprint got on it because it was so beautiful. But I got over it coz, well, Young Master’s fingerprinting would be plentiful.

2. Young Master grabbed it from me immediately and flicked the catch open in an instant. I didn’t have to teach him, or help him, it was HIS from the moment he laid eyes on it.

3. The tray is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so colourful and appealing, even to adults (no Ben 10s or Thomas or Frozen princesses – adults and children can share the lunchbox with no problem at all).
UPDATE: Young Master ate ALL of his lunch on his first day at school – I suspect the prettiness has much to do with this)

4. It’s leakproof, hooray!! Yumbox allows for wet foods (yogurts, dips – but not liquids like soy sauce) to be kept in their own compartment (yay for no foods befriending each other!!), without spillage. The secret is in the patterned silicone mat on the inside of the lid – but this also means that each box is tied to the tray it comes with, you can’t swap between Original and Panino trays, which is a slight shame.

5. It really helps ME pack! I am now so used to the set up – a main goes here, fruits go here, veg here, a dairy dip here… I love how it’s a gentle reminder and also at the same time, young master is having a well-rounded meal at school without me worrying that I’ve forgotten some part of the food pyramid!

6. I just love all the patterns! Actually, I’d love to pack a lunch like that for myself!

Young Master has been using the Yumbox for several months now. It’s held up well (despite it being mercilessly dumped into the school lunch tub almost every day), and it’s been so handy to have. I’m sure you will find it beneficial too 🙂 To shop Yumbox, click here.

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