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A very rare Beco sale….plus freebies!

We are having a *very* RARE sale on all of our Beco Carriers for Mothers’ Day! All Beco Baby Carriers, including: Beco Gemini and Beco Soleil Carriers, normally $189.00, now on sale at $176.00, and Beco Toddler Carriers, normally $219.00, now $203.00. PLUS, with any purchase of a Beco Carrier, receive a FREE BityBean Ultraportable Travel Carrier, valued at $75!

Did I mention FREE? Yes it is FREE, buy a carrier and get a travel carrier free! Colours are chosen at random and included with every Beco Carrier purchase 🙂

This is a once in a lifetime offer that we are passing on to our customers, so get in quick! x

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Forward Facing – Yay or Nay? Beco Gemini vs Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier Review


Ah, the great forward facing debate. For those who are not familiar with the forward facing debate, there are many reasons why forward facing in a baby carrier is not recommended, mainly:

1. Baby can be in a position which may be unnatural for long periods of time, and depending on how baby is sitting, forward facing may not promote the natural ‘C’ shape curve of the spine;
2. Baby can become overstimulated but wearer may not know due to the inability to read baby’s cues;
3. Baby’s head may not be adequately supported (ever seen a sleeping baby in a forward facing carrier? Yikes! No no no);
4. Some forward facing carriers may not adequately support the baby’s hips in the ‘M’ position.

However, that being said, having a carrier that allows a baby to forward face may be useful, in the following situations:

1. Only for short periods of time (if baby likes to look out as Little Miss does, I recommend the hip carry for longer periods of time)
2. Baby’s hips and legs are adequately supported
3. Only when baby has good neck control, from 4 to 6 months onwards (and not that you are using the carrier to ‘force’ baby to use their neck muscles in order to strengthen them – know what I mean?)
4. Ensure that baby is resting back against your chest and not leaning forward and dangling.

I personally like my babies to face in towards me, really because I like to see their chubby cheeks pressed against my chest 🙂 It’s not a look I’ll get to see for long, so I just want to savour every moment of it 🙂 But I must say that we’ve found ourselves in situations where I thought, ‘now what would I have done without this forward facing carrier!!’ We were having lunch at Subway once, and to my horror, they had no high chairs at all! (Subway: do note, mums with kids need them!) I had to deal with a 3 year old that ate his sub while circling around the table, and a 14 month old who is permanently attached to my hip. Normally I would balance Little Miss on my lap, feed her and eat bits and pieces of my falling apart sub…. (are mums born with an instinct to multi-task or what?) But in a light bulb moment, I swapped Little Miss to the forward facing position in our Beco Gemini, and wow! She fed herself, and I fed me (while catching the 3 year old and planting him firmly on the bench). So the forward facing was really a lifesaver in that moment!

Anyway I digress. 🙂 Two of the most popular and versatile forward facing carriers in the market now are the Beco Gemini and the Ergobaby 360. Here’s a quick rundown of both of them:

– the classic forward facing carrier, launched 2006.
– 4 carrying positions: front facing in, front facing out, hip and back carry.
– no infant insert required.
– birth to 16kg (3 year old).
– straps can be worn backpack style or crossed.
– adjustable back panel, doubles as headrest for sleeping baby.
– double-lock buckles for added safety.
– padded throughout for added comfort.
– available in a range of colourful prints and patterns.

– launched 2013.
– 4 carrying positions: front facing in, front facing out, hip and back carry.
– infant insert required.
– birth to 12.2kg (18 months).
– straps can be worn backpack style only.
– sleeping hood.
– Velcro waistband.
– available in black and camel only.

If you are looking for a forward facing carrier, best thing to do is to head on down to a sling library near you to have a try! Personally, I am a fan of the Beco Gemini for its ability to cross straps (as I am very petite and the Ergo straps just feels massive on me!), and it’s ability to carry a newborn and a toddler at the same time, without an additional insert (especially when my kids are 19 months apart! Just a tad shy of the Ergo 360’s weight limit). And all the fun prints too! For more information, you can visit Beco’s Australian website at, or www.ergobaby,com. Much love to all, whether you forward face your babies or not! 🙂 xoxo