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My first baby was a miracle baby. The doctors said that I had a host of problems with my body, that made it almost impossible for me to conceive. And the news worsened, that if indeed I somehow miraculously fell pregnant, I had a 50% chance of miscarrying, and that the child had a high chance of  birth defects. Still, we had a strong desire to start a family, so I sought treatment to make our dream a reality, knowing that we had to fight for what we believed in – a family. We prayed hard. And on our very last cycle, it was our best Christmas present ever. On the eve of Christmas eve, I received a call from the fertility clinic. I still remember the nurse’s exact words… “Well, it seems that you are possibly pregnant. Very pregnant, from the looks of your HCG count.” I burst into tears.

It’s something about having a life growing inside of you, that makes all of your maternal instincts kick in immediately. That day, I told myself that I would give my baby nothing but the very best. The best childhood. The best moisturizer. The best sleep. The best of me. I scoured the web for products that I would use for my children personally and I would recommend them to anyone in an instant. Barefoot Mum is born out of that calling, together with a desire to share my findings, I hope to create a platform where one can obtain knowledge, honest and unbiased reviews on products, and an easy way to purchase them for your children.

My firstborn, a son, is now a healthy, happy and extremely active toddler. Life gets overwhelming sometimes, with his busy-ness, but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Even more surprising events ensued, somehow, somehow, we were incredibly blessed with a second miracle baby! My daughter, sweet one, arrived early this year. While we still have no idea how that happened, she is the sweetest, most perfect complement to my bundle of boy energy. She is a girly-girl, quiet (though she does have a great pair of lungs, don’t get me wrong), unassuming, loves her flowers and pretty handbags. For those of you facing tough roads ahead with “impossible” diagnoses…..Have Faith.

Hope you enjoy browsing through our reviews and shopping on our site. And most importantly, we hope you enjoy paving the way forward as you boldly step forward to lead your children into adulthood.


Barefoot Mum x

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